Susana-WebsiteSusana Byers, Lic. Ac., MSTOM, Dipl. OM, a licensed acupuncturist and nationally certified herbalist, is committed to providing excellent health care by utilizing the principles and practices of Chinese medicine. She recently relocated her practice to the Pioneer Valley to serve the growing demand for acupuncture, alternative and complementary medicine in Northampton, Amherst and throughout Western Massachusetts.

Susana‚Äôs mission is to treat every patient with the utmost individualized care in order to achieve optimal health.  The great strength of Chinese Medicine is that it is truly holistic since it treats the connection of body-mind-spirit as one.  This means that acupuncture and Chinese medicine can treat a variety of conditions from the common cold to chronic illness.  In fact the World Health Organization recognizes acupuncture as effective for treating allergies, depression, dysmenorrhea, headache, knee pain, low back pain,  adverse reactions to radiation and chemotherapy, as well as a host of other conditions.  Please see the Resources Section of this website for more information.

Susana utilizes a variety of modalities in her practice including acupuncture, moxibustion, tui na medical massage, cupping, aromatherapy and Chinese herbs. She strongly believes in the innate healing mechanism that exists in each person and tailors each treatment to best assist the healing process.  Please feel free to see her own web-site